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Switching Power Transformers

Switching power transformers provide excellent safety, reliability, and cost performance. These are built to suit a variety of electronics products. The transformers come in three models : the AL regular type, the AS slim type which is restricted to PCB mounting area, and the AF fiat type which is suitable for products with height limitations. All types are suitable for pulse power transformers, choke transformers, drive transformers, etc. These transformers meet to UL 1446 class 130.

Applications : TV, Measurement Equipments, Industrial Instruments, Information Equipments, OA Equipments, Security Alarms ( Gas Leakage Detectors, Fire Alarms and etc.) Air Purification Systems, Transformers for Switching Adaptors, Electronic Equipments.

Switching Power Transformers

PDF Switching Power Transformers Catalog (484 KB)